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Diamond cutting and drilling

Specialized licensed company with 25 years of experience

Diamond cutting and

Diamond cutting and drilling - Terminator Baltic

We offer various construction material cutting services with professional diamond technology.

Reconstruction and dismantling

Reconstruction and dismantling - Terminator Baltic

Reconstruction of residential buildings, apartments, and houses. The practice of making holes and openings with a demolition hammer in inhabited areas has become a thing of the past.

Construction work

Construction works - Terminator Baltic

Over the course of more than fifteen years, we have carried out various types of construction works in the territory of Latvia.

Floor grinding and polishing

Floor grinding and polishing - Terminator Baltic

Our specialists have extensive experience in grinding and milling concrete floors.

Waterproofing and injections

Waterproofing and injections

Protection of construction structures, buildings, and facilities from liquids and their negative impact on construction materials.

Equipment repair and sale

Equipment repair and sale

Restoration of diamond crowns and discs. We promptly perform the restoration of diamond crowns and discs. Sales of discs and crowns.

About the company

A specialized licensed company TB has been operating in the Latvian market for over 25 years. Our main direction is diamond sawing and drilling.

Over the years, we have gained experience in construction, building and apartment restoration, waterproofing and injection works, floor grinding and polishing, manufacturing of metal structures, and metal reinforcement. Our specialists have received qualified training in Switzerland and Belgium.

By collaborating with material and tool suppliers, we continuously train our specialists and enhance their qualifications. Many specialists have been working in the company for over 15 years.

Cooperation partners

We work with leading manufacturers.
Modern equipment for cutting, drilling, for example:

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Pulka street 3/13, Riga, Latvia, LV-1007

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Accounting:(+371) 67089603
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