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Diamond crown repair

One of the directions introduced in our company, due to the need for rapid job execution, is the repair of various construction equipment.

It is not always possible to repair professional equipment quickly and efficiently.

Many builders are familiar with the situation regarding warranty repairs. Like many others, we did not want to wait for changes and decided to open our own repair base.

Currently, our masters perform the following works:

  • restoration of diamond crown drills, discs, and other devices,

  • hydraulic repair,

  • electrical equipment repair,

  • repair and restoration of various units,

  • as well as repair of professional construction equipment.

Restoration of diamond tools

Working with diamond tools, the diamond segments gradually wear down.

Our company offers professional restoration of diamond crown drills and discs (diamond rings, segment brazing). We will restore and deliver them to your factory in a short time.

We accept orders for urgent tool restoration. Depending on the damage, order fulfillment can take a few hours.

Restoration work can be done with the customer's diamond segments, or we can find crown drills, discs, grinding heads of various diameters and lengths ourselves.

With us, you will find segments containing diamonds from various manufacturers (they differ both in terms of diamond grain parameters and the hardness of the metal from which the segment is made) for the restoration of diamond crown drills.

Prices are negotiable. Dispatcher's phone number +371 27221022.

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