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Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting

We offer various cutting services for construction materials using professional diamond equipment.

This technology allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • depth of cut 720 mm on one side,

  • cut out doors, windows and other technological gaps,

  • widen elevator shafts,

  • perform room reconstruction,

  • dismantle various foundations, floors, walls, etc.,

  • saw technological, deformation seams.

With the help of this technology, construction work can be done faster and with better quality.

Dimanta griešana

- No dust,
- Execution speed,
- Reduced noise during cutting, which will not disturb neighbors,
- Sawing is performed from one side,
- Smoothly polished surface of the opening, no finishing is required,
- No vibrations and dynamic impact loads on reinforced concrete - guaranteeing no cracks for neighbors,
- Easier installation of metal and metal structures.

With this technology, construction work can be done faster and with higher quality, such as cutting in apartments (standard layout).

The standard door opening cutting technology in concrete takes from 3 to 5 hours, considering that a lot of time is spent on preparation and (thus completely noiseless) work.

The dirty water during operation is directed into a vacuum cleaner.

  • Installation of equipment (if necessary).

  • The cut is smooth and even, no additional finishing is required. If necessary, the opening is reinforced with metal.

  • Upon your request, we will remove waste.

  • During the operation, a penetrating cut is made throughout the depth of the wall from one side. According to the markings, as many vertical and horizontal saw cuts are made as necessary for the opening (cutting occurs in separate blocks weighing from 40 to 60 kg).

Advantages of diamond cutting:

What you need to get started:

  • Architecture design project (i.e., permission for apartment redesign),

  • Permit for noisy works (can be obtained from the municipality),

  • Electricity and water connections,

  • Both the client and us can determine the start and end of construction,

  • With the equipment available in our company, we can saw through any construction material at any depth. If very thick material needs to be cut, we use wire saws.

The main stages of the operation:

  • preliminary inspection to identify the location of electrical cables and reinforcement bars.

  • marking the contour of the opening.

  • sealing and waterproofing of the opening, as water is supplied to the diamond disc during cutting.

Drilling holes

Completely avoiding concrete dust, recognized as the most harmful substance to human health, can be achieved with the environmentally cleaner technology of diamond drilling.

Drilling can be performed on any surface - floors, ceilings, walls, foundations, etc. The thickness of construction material can reach 3 meters or more.

Caurumu urbšana

Diamond core drill diameters

The diameters of diamond core bits we use range from 3 mm to 750 mm and beyond. Typically, we conduct drilling with commonly used diameters of diamond core bits such as 32, 42, 52, 65, 72, 86, 103, 112, 130, 140, 150, 160, 200, 225, 250, 270, 300, 325, 350 mm...

For specialized tasks, any core bit can be selected.

For holes larger than 750 mm in diameter, we can create them by drilling multiple holes in a "daisy" pattern. This is more efficient, as otherwise, the core would have to be removed with the help of a crane.

Drilling costs

The cost of drilling work is calculated individually and depends on:

  • the diameter of the diamond core bit used (larger diameter means higher costs),

  • the thickness of the wall,

  • the material through which the hole is drilled, and the presence of granite or metal in it.

With our drilling equipment, holes can be cut in narrow spaces (width up to 0.5m), where using traditional technology (perforators) would not be possible or would be difficult.

Wire Saw Cutting

Cutting with a diamond wire saw is the easiest and most effective way to dismantle large concrete structures and cut openings in thick walls.

The wire saw equipment is characterized by its power and flexibility, making it ideal for intricate work. There are almost no limitations on cutting depth.

Diamond tools allow for the cutting of highly complex structures, including metal, glass, and reinforced concrete.

Griešana ar trosi
  • Deep cutting.

  • Cutting of steel, concrete, and other construction materials.

  • Cutting large-sized objects, such as pipes.

  • Can be used in confined spaces with constraints.

  • Can be used where dry cutting is required.

  • Suitable for any openings with precise angles.

The most effective cutting with a wire saw

Cutting large-scale objects such as foundations and bridges.

Cutting thick walls and openings with straight angles.

Deep cutting in confined spaces using a wire saw.

Wire saw cutting is versatile, allowing installation on objects like pipes.

The machine can be set up for cutting from either the right or left side, providing flexibility in selecting the cutting direction.

Cutting structures with significant metal content.


Pile cuting

The majority of new buildings in Riga are constructed on piles. We were the first to start "cutting" piles using diamond technology.

This technology differs from old methods, preserving the piles and avoiding micro-cracks between the metal and concrete. With this technology, building foundations will be more durable.

Many builders aim to cut costs by avoiding the use of progressive technologies and neglecting the consequences. Over the past years, we have witnessed that during the "fat" years of construction, buildings were constructed with poor quality. This happened because proper technologies were not followed, and cheaper materials were purchased with the aim of maximizing profits.

Pāļu zāģēšana

Pile sawing works

Currently, with the assistance of diamond technology, we can perform the following pile cutting tasks:

  • Cutting pile "caps,"

  • Exposing reinforcement at a specified height,

  • Removal of debris and "caps."

The most common sizes

  • 300*300 mm, 

  • 400*400 mm,

  • diameters from 400 mm to 1600 mm.

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