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Construction reconstruction

Construction work

A specialized, licensed company operating in the Latvian market for 25 years.

One of the company's focuses is construction. For more than 15 years, we have been conducting various types of construction work within Latvia. The company holds a certificate (license) for construction works.

Our company also oversees construction projects and provides technical supervision of sites.

Basic types of construction works:

  • Facade works;

  • Formation of technical documentation;

  • Drywall installation (any level of difficulty);

  • Roof insulation;

  • Painting works;

  • Concrete works, forms, coverings;

  • Technical supervision of the construction site;

Large objects 2016-2018 year:

  • store "CCC",

  • "Eiropas apavi".

Celtniecības darbi

Reconstruction of residential buildings, apartments and houses


Cutting in flats (typical layout)

Hole and groove cutting with a detachable amur in populated areas is a thing of the past.

For apartment redesigns, we utilize a professional concrete diamond cutting system with an electric diamond saw. Such a saw is perfect for creating grooves between rooms in various panel houses and other residential spaces.

Currently, diamond technology is the fastest, most convenient, safest, and cost-effective way to cut holes and grooves in concrete, brick, asphalt, granite, and natural stone. This technology allows for cutting holes of specific sizes without damaging surrounding objects, without noise, and without dust. Even when cutting reinforced concrete, perfectly "smooth" holes with the required diameter are formed, eliminating the need for further finishing.

This technology can be used in residential homes undergoing reconstruction and renovation stages, and in some cases, even in renovated spaces, as it produces minimal noise and dynamic action.

Main stages of work:

  • Initial inspection at the workplace to determine the placement of electric cables and reinforcement in concrete.

  • At your request, we will remove the construction waste after the completion of the work.

  • Contour marking of the new column.

  • Waterproofing and taping around the future gap area, as cooling water is constantly supplied to the diamond disc during the sawing process. The dirty water is fully collected during work with a water vacuum cleaner.

  • Installation of equipment (if necessary).

  • During the work process, a cut is made through the entire depth of the wall from one side. According to the marking, vertical and horizontal notches are made as needed for the given column (cutting is done in separate blocks weighing 40 to 60 kg - for removal of blocks with the help of two workers).

  • The cut is even and smooth and does not require additional finishing. If needed, reinforcing the gap with metal.

  • At your request, we will remove the construction waste after the completion of the work.

What is needed to start work:

  • project (architectural design, permission for apartment remodeling);

  • both the client and our firm can perform the opening and closing of constructions.

Reconstruction and renovation of buildings in Riga: 

  • 41 Zalves street;

  • Altonova street 2.

  • Zalves iela 41  (building reconstruction)


Hydro insulation is the protection of construction structures, buildings, and facilities from liquids and their negative impact on construction materials.

Every building requires protection from the harmful effects of water and moisture.

Our company specializes in performing hydro insulation works for objects of any complexity category. Great attention is paid to the use of the best modern professional materials and technical solutions developed by specialists in the world construction industry.

Based on extensive experience, we offer the latest technologies and most effective materials for solving any construction problems, including the latest hydro insulation for basement spaces, foundations, underground garages, water tanks, swimming pools, etc.

Impregnating and swelling hydro insulation ensures the normal operation of buildings, structures, and constructions, extending their lifespan. Our range of materials allows us to offer system solutions for the hydro insulation of construction structures at any level – both in new constructions and in reconstructions.

For external wall hydro insulation, silicatization concentrates, crack-filling compounds, and bitumen emulsions are used, which protect the walls from moisture and atmospheric precipitation. The application process of specialized materials can be performed mechanically, with a brush, or by spraying.

Penetron Baltija
Marine SIA

Types of hydro insulation:

  • Anti-filtration,

  • Swelling,

  • Anti-corrosion,

  • Plaster,

  • Horizontal,

  • Membrane,

  • Impregnating.



  • Reinforcement of walls and foundations through the injection method.

  • Strengthening of building foundations.

  • Leak elimination.

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