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Floor grinding and milling

When installing large areas of flooring, measurement errors can occur, which is why floors are ground with large diamond discs. This is more effective than installing floors with expensive leveling materials.

Our specialists have extensive experience in grinding and milling concrete floors. We can help level floors by grinding from 1 mm to 5 mm thickness and milling from 5 mm to 7 mm.

We also do:

  • surface restoration with special reinforcing materials after grinding and milling,

  • surface polishing (using special discs and chemical components) up to 75% reflectivity.

Ways to fix the problem

Often, when installing molds and not following technology, walls "bulge" or "bow".

There are two ways to prevent this problem:

  • cut or dismantle the wall;

  • perform wall grinding or milling.

Grīdu slīpēšana


Our company can polish concrete up to 75% reflectivity.

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